Alternative Valentine’s Gift Guide – Gift You

Today marks the 4 day countdown to Valentine’s Day. This Sunday many Couples will be re-enacting the iconic scene from Disney’s ‘Lady and the Tramp’. It could go either way, but if you’re like me and you’re just not into it this post is for you.

Every year we walk past the aisle stuffed with oversized teddy bears, cards and hearts galore. I don’t get it? One day a year we’re told to be affectionate and buy each other’s love. However, the catch is that person already knows/expects a gift because Valentine’s Day. Where’s the fun in that? So go against this holiday and buy yourself a gift. Why? Life’s short, splurge a little.

Below I’ve compiled a list of gifts to give yourself this year. Why can’t we be a bit self-indulgent now and again? All gifts given to yourself should be – stylish, fun and practical.

16 Life Mantras to Live By In 2016

2016, are you ready? – We’re coming for you. The next 365 days hold immeasurable potential. Now, I know with resolutions you either love them or hate them. Until this year I’ll admit, I was a resolution setter and would try to keep this reachable goal for a month or two. Last year’s resolution saw me cut my intake of meat down to just 4 days a week. Resolutions though all too often they’re just more rules that we set for ourselves instead of exciting opportunities to grow more. So this year, I’ve scrapped the dreaded ‘resolution’ and taken on ‘goals’ for the year.

Things to look forward to in 2016

Unwrap your crisp new 2016 diary, the new year is about to begin. From movies to music, art and fashion: Here’s what 2016 will bring us.


5 Life Lessons I Learnt From My Mother

Today is my mother’s sixty-hushhush birthday and I hope to have a great ladies lunch out at this little Italian place in Belfast. Raised in a small terrace house in central Lisburn, working from a young age behind the till of our ice-cream shop with my Granny whilst Grandad ran our barber’s shop at the back in the fifties. She’s a hard-working civil servant by day, an avid gardener, a frequent DIYer and a lover of English detective books.