5 Life Lessons I Learnt From My Mother

Today is my mother’s sixty-hushhush birthday and I hope to have a great ladies lunch out at this little Italian place in Belfast. Raised in a small terrace house in central Lisburn, working from a young age behind the till of our ice-cream shop with my Granny whilst Grandad ran our barber’s shop at the back in the fifties. She’s a hard-working civil servant by day, an avid gardener, a frequent DIYer and a lover of English detective books.

And this year as usual I’m undecided on what to get her. Ideas so far are the usual gift go-tos of either buying her pink/purple flowers, chocolates, afternoon tea out, dinner, books or her favourite collections of hand creams. (NOTE: If like me have a mother who’s in her sixties, hates shopping and has sensitive skin. And you have an idea of what I should get her let me know! Any ideas will be greatly received!)

So I dedicate this post to the great woman who genuinely has been there since day one. The woman who constantly works it out, pushes on through and put up with a lot of crap from me in my teen days. I salute you Mother P! From me I’d just like to say a massive thank you and much love here’s what I’ve learnt over the last 23 years from you.

1. Takes nothing to have manners

From a young age I remember standing waiting beside the door of my local grocers whilst my gran’s items got rang up. I’d open the doors for exiting older women and gents as I’d struggle to pull open the heavy door I’d get a big smile from a cute little granny or a softly spoken thank you. Looking back on it now I can see how spending time with my granny has shaped me to respect my elders as well as doing anything small to help people.

Pretty often someone will do something small for you and may not even notice it. From holding the door open or moving out-of-the-way letting an older lady/gent on the bus it’s these kind little actions that go along way but saying nothing in return speaks volumes.

2. Have strong ethics

You’re your own person. The actions, behaviour and what you say is all you. If I mess up or did something I shouldn’t have I would need to come forward. When no-one is looking how you react and what you do defines you. No-ones perfect but I would like to think I am a good person.

3. Even when it’s hard carry on

In life there’ll be those “I cannot bare this” & “I hate this” days so you gotta power through it. God only knows how many of those days I had on one of my courses I thought would never end! It’ll be worth all the crap in the end and hey, things could be A LOT worse considering.

4. Confront it head on

Sometimes the only way round things is to confront it bullseye dead on. If someone annoys me I’ll have to say something it’s programmed into me. Unable to let things slide until I talk about it first with the person or it’d completely eat me up inside.

5. Care for the environment

I try to do my part by recycling glass or paper since it’s widely recycled and it’s only a bit more effort. When I’m a mother I hope to pass this on to my kids one day because if you don’t do your part who will?

At the end of this post I also realised I’ve learnt lessons unintentionally taught! But hey that’s another post! Thank you really just isn’t enough to say. What’s your mother’s life lessons? Let me know in the comments!