Alternative Valentine’s Gift Guide – Gift You

Today marks the 4 day countdown to Valentine’s Day. This Sunday many Couples will be re-enacting the iconic scene from Disney’s ‘Lady and the Tramp’. It could go either way, but if you’re like me and you’re just not into it this post is for you.

Every year we walk past the aisle stuffed with oversized teddy bears, cards and hearts galore. I don’t get it? One day a year we’re told to be affectionate and buy each other’s love. However, the catch is that person already knows/expects a gift because Valentine’s Day. Where’s the fun in that? So go against this holiday and buy yourself a gift. Why? Life’s short, splurge a little.

Below I’ve compiled a list of gifts to give yourself this year. Why can’t we be a bit self-indulgent now and again? All gifts given to yourself should be – stylish, fun and practical.

Below I’ve compiled a list of gifts to give yourself this year. Why can’t we be a bit self-indulgent now and again? All gifts given to yourself should be – stylish, fun and practical.

A gift for your stomach

The Dinner Party Hamper chocolates hamper valentines day

© Hotel Chocolat – The Dinner Party Hamper £55.00 from

The gift: Hotel Chocolat – The Dinner Party Hamper

I LOVE Hotel Chocolat. I’m such a chocolate fiend and the staff of my local store know me too well. This luxurious hamper contains all you need for an amazing dinner party – from start to finish. Including a superb range of drinks and treats delivered in a stylish black ribbon-tied keepsake box. Inside you’ll find Cocoa Gin, a shareable Mini Dipping Adventure and numerous chocolates from their vast range. I doubt you’ll struggle to find something you’ll love. My personal favourite is the Butterscotch Selector. Even better, you can create you’re very own hamper!

A golden gift for you

flying bee jewellery alex monroe valentines day

© Alex Monroe – Flying Bee Necklace £132.00 from

The gift: Alex Monroe – Flying Bee Necklace

Will set any outfit abuzzzzz. This little fellow can be easily transition from day-to-night. Either with a casual tee or a chic LBD.

A gift for your back

Bond Bra unlucky Lingerie

© Unlucky Lingerie – Bond Strapped Bra $34.00 AUD at Unlucky Lingerie

The gift: Unlucky Lingerie – Bond Strapped Bra

The Bond bra is bondage inspired, will look fabulous on a lady of any size or shape. Edgy and comfy, this bra is completely adjustable throughout the shoulders and bust. What’s not to love? Protect your assets.

Gifts for a more organised you

kate spade stationary valentines day

© trouva – Block Block Sketch Desk Tidy £20.00 from | © Kate Spade New York –
Rotating stamp with pad £24.95 from

The gift: Trouva Desk tidy and Kate Spade Stamp

Get your stuff together with this cool miniature piece of architecture for your desktop! Organised home means organised mind. Note:However, I’ll can’t promise I’ll not be stamping everything and anything in my apartment.

A gift for the home

Rosaviola Diptyque Paris

© Diptyque Paris – Rosaviola candle. £28.00 or £44.00 at

The gift: Diptyque – Rosaviola Candle

Diptyque and French fashion designer Olympia Le-Tan have teamed up to create a luscious scent celebrating the mystery and allure of the lady’s bag. Set your olfactory senses ablaze with this candle perfumed with delicate rose and violet notes. Sure to provide a beacon of femininity even in the most masculine of rooms.

A gift for your senses

scent library Penhaligons

© Penhaligons – Scent Library £18.00 from

The gift: Penhaligons – Scent Library

For the person who has scent commitment issues or wants their perfume to match their mood. Penhaligons’ Scent Library makes this possible. This library contains 18 unisex vials from the uplifting scent of fresh orange blossom to the warm musk of Opus 1870.

A gift for your drinks cabinet

Tipple Box Rhubarb Sidecar and a Smoked Mule

Tipple Box Rhubarb Sidecar and a Smoked Mule © Tipple Box

The gift: Tipplebox Cocktails – Month Subscription

Who doesn’t love busting open boxes to see what they’ve received? Send yourself these little beauties in the post. All set for an experimental cocktail night in for you and your friends. Tipple Box is available as a monthly subscription service from just 1 month up to 12 months. If possible I’d have a lifetime subscription.

A gift for your furry buddy

The gift: Luxury cat and dog toys

Crazy cat lady or dedicated dog lover? Why not give your fur baby an extraordinary present. From a seriously cool teepee bed (unfortunately not available in human size) to sit proudly in your home or demolish this delish peanut butter dog treat.

If you don’t have anyone to share it with this year or just don’t to. Go gift yourself! What do you think makes a good gift? Let me know in the comments!